DBE Roofing only supplies quality products with full local support on all our products. Our wide range of products have been selected and tested for reliable use in the tough African environment.
Our products are aligned to internationally recognized quality standards and product specifications. We, as a company, ensure that our products meet the most demanding requirements.

Corrugated is the traditional and familiar S-Rib profile for roofing and cladding applications. It is the oldest and most commonly used roofing profile because of its easy handling and fixing properties and related strength.


IBR Sheeting

The name IBR is abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib” and has become a household name in the South African building industry.IBR is a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686 mm designed for use, as side cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Widespan Sheeting

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Widespan is a roofing and cladding profile designed to provide an economic alternative to deeper Box Rib profiles without losing the aesthetic appeal of a square fluted profile. The trapezoidal Widespan profile offers greater spans and lower roof slopes than Corrugated sheeting but provides the same covering width.

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Corrugated Sheeting


Bullnosing, Cranking & Curving of Profiled Sheets

Bullnoses and Centre cranks can be done, permitted that a drawing has been approved and signed by the customer.


Polycarbonate is one of the newer plastics to be used in the construction industry around the world. Modern co-extrusion technology is used in the manufacture of Polycarbonate Roof Sheets, ensuring a high product quality and allowing for any transportable length of sheet to be made. A layer of highly UV stabilised POLYCARBONATE is co-extruded on the weathering side of all Polycarbonate Roof Sheets. This layer will not crack or delaminate, and ensures years of clear performance in the harsh South African climate.

Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

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A roofing profile designed to provide the building industry with an economical alternative to the deeper Box Rib profiles without sacrificing the popular fluted concept so frequently featured in modern architecture.


A Concealed fix profile offering a wider cover width than Klip-Lok 406™, providing quicker installation. Klip-Lok 700™ is manufactured in continuous lengths with on-site rolling for sheet lengths in excess of transportable limits.

A Concealed fix profile ideally suited for low pitches with unique double interlocking side laps. Klip-Lok 406 manufactured in continuous lengths with on-site rolling of sheet lengths in excess of transportable limits.

DBE Roofing supplies a full range of flashings to customers’ requirements. The standard range of flashings is manufactured in 3m lengths. Non-standard flashings are available on enquiry in different colours, lengths and dimensions.

Klip-Lok 700

Klip-Lok 406


Coatings & Colour Options:

o Galvanised & Chromadek

o Zincalume & Colorbond

o ZincAL & Colorplus

o Stainless Steel o Aluminium & Colortech

o Polycarbonate & Fibre Glass

o Specialised Coating

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Our customers will have peace of mind, as we supply reliable and cost-effective products, efficient service and product warranties that exceed our clients' expectations.


Site Rolling Mobile Mill

Concealed-fix roof sheeting profiles eliminate the need for pierced-fixing, thereby dramatically reducing the probability of roof leakage. By supplying these profiles in continuous lengths, no end lapping is required and the possibility of leakage is further eliminated. On large spans, these parameters can only be met by profiling flat coil material on site.